5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do To Overcome Hypothyroidism

Published: 27th January 2006
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Let's face it before you can overcome hypothyroidism you

must know what it is and what causes hypothyroidism. Now I

know that you might have already talked with a doctor about

hypothyroidism, but if your doctor is anything like my

doctor, he or she probably has so many patients to see

everyday that you are lucky to get 5 quality minutes with


I don't claim to be smarter than the doctors; however,

sometimes I think there is something that is lost in the

translation. That having been said I will give you what I

hope is a clear quick overview of what hypothyroidism is,

what causes hypothyroidism, and 5 things you didn't know you

could do to overcome hypothyroidism.

What is hypothyroidism? Simply put, it is a condition that

occurs when your thyroid gland does not produce enough

hormones. I don't want to get too technical here, so I will

just give you an analogy. Our bodies have many different

hormones that are required in order for it to operate at

full efficiency.

When there is a shortage of any one or a combination of

these hormones that's when you have problems. It's like

trying to bake a cake without one of the key ingredients. A

cake wouldn't be very good without flour, or not enough

flour would it?

Unfortunately, for some, maybe even you, their quality of

life has been significantly reduced do to hypothyroidism.

They struggle to lose weight, they struggle to make it

through the day due to chronic fatigue, and some of them

even struggle with depression.

So, what are some of the causes of hypothyroidism? There

are many different causes of hypothyroidism, but I again, am

just going to keep this simple and talk about 5 of them.

Believe it or not, some drugs contribute to this

insufficiency of thyroid hormones known as hypothyroidism.

Remember me mentioning depression. Well, some drugs such as

lithium that are used to control extreme mood swings also

restrict the amount of hormones the thyroid gland produces.

So, cause number one could be medication you are taking,

especially certain prescription drugs.

Cause number two, surprisingly enough, could be certain

foods that you are eating. This blew my socks off when I

found out about it. As you know those who suffer from

hypothyroidism usually suffer from a slower metabolism,

which means they gain weight easily and rarely lose weight

at all.

What do people usually do when they are trying to control

their weight? You guessed it; they go on a diet and try to

eat healthier. You will probably be just as surprised as I

was to find out that certain foods such as raw broccoli also

contribute to hypothyroidism. Raw turnips, radishes,

cauliflower, and brussel sprouts can also have a negative

impact on your thyroid gland and increase your chances of

struggling with hypothyroidism.

It makes you wonder, could you be caught in a vicious loop.

You gained extra weight year after year and so you keep on

trying to eat healthier just to find out you could have been

working against yourself all this time. Just as a side

note, I am not saying to stop trying and give up. Just get

educated so you are not shooting yourself in the foot.

Like so many other health conditions, cause number three

cannot easily be avoided. Some health conditions, such as

hypothyroidism, are just handed down in the genes. You

really can't get around your genes no matter how hard you

try. Again, education is the best means of advice, but I

will talk more about that in just a moment.

Who knew going to the dentist could lead us to cause number

four? If you are like me you probably didn't know that

amalgam fillings have been associated with causing certain

health conditions. You guessed it; hypothyroidism is one of

those conditions.

You see it is the mercury in the fillings that is actually

bad for you. They are 50% mercury! Wow! All I can say is

do your homework here.

Again, cause number five caught me off guard. Isoflavone-

intensive soy products can greatly affect the thyroid gland,

restricting its ability to produce the correct amount of

thyroid hormones thus causing hypothyroidism.

What are Isoflavone soy products? These are typically

products that body builders or just the common individual

who works-out at the gym my take. Again, who knew trying to

be healthier could actually be affecting you in ways you

never knew.

To sum it up, there are five things that you probable didn't

know you could do to overcome hypothyroidism.

1)Check the side effects of all the current drugs you are

on. Look them up on the Internet, ask your doctor, or even

ask your pharmacist about the prescription medication or

medications you are taking. They could be actually working

against you.

2)Learn more about the raw foods you are eating. Even those

popular diet foods such as broccoli could be affecting your

thyroid gland.

3)Do research on your family history. I know that this can

be difficult but you owe it yourself to learn all you can

about your family's medical history. As a side note, find

out all you can and make a log. Share the log with your

doctor. Also keep it for your kids and grand kids. They

might be dealing with health issues now, but they very well

could be in the future especially if there is history of

certain conditions in your family line.

4)If you have to have fillings, question your dentist about

amalgam fillings. Even if you have fillings already you

might want to meet with your dentist to see if he or she

used amalgam products. Also, remember it is the mercury

that causes the problems. Stay away from products that may

contain mercury.

5)Finally, if you are a health conscious person who like to

workout at the gym and you use soy based products to enhance

your efforts, just check to see if those products contain

large amounts of Isoflavone.

I hope that this article has served as a reminder that

educating ourselves is most often our best means of defense

against the health conditions we struggle with. One great

resource that I have come to lean on is a website called

ChangeYourHealth.Net. If you are looking for a great

educational resource on learning how you can overcome the

health conditions that you struggle with such as

hypothyroidism you can find them at

http://www.changeyourhealth.net. They are very informative

and offer tons of information especially all-natural methods

of treating the health conditions that seem to plague so

many of us.

About The Author:

Douglas Cromer is a review specialist for all-natural herbal supplements. To view the reviews of the top 50 most used herbal supplements just visit http://www.changeyourhealth.net. Education Before Purchasing Is Douglas Cromer's Specialty!

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